Specialists in kiwifruit and the fruit’s best flavour

A Family Business that gave rise to the biggest Kiwi Producer in the Iberian Peninsular

The first two hectares of orchard with kiwifruit were planted in the 1980s, at a time when not many people had tasted this fruit. The Araújo family’s adventure couldn’t have turned out any better and ten years later, kiwifruit was occupying 22 hectares in the region of Guimarães.

On 6th November 2002, KiwiGreenSun was formed and what started out as a small venture turned into not only one of the most important kiwifruit warehouses in Portugal, but the biggest producer company in the Iberian Peninsula.

Our objective has been the same right from the start: to provide the freshest, tastiest kiwis with indisputable quality.

tonnes of Kiwis


To produce with love and in accordance with best practices

KiwiGreenSun has been recognised as a Fruit and Vegetable Producer Organisation – KiwiFruit Product since 2016. The plantation area of our 51 producers covers 460 hectares and the average production is 12000 tonnes of kiwis a year.
Our member producers’ vast experience is also recognised through the certifications we hold: Integrated Production, Global Gap, GRASP and ISO 22000:2018 Certification (Food Safety Management System) pursuant to Fruit production, reception, standardisation, storage, packaging, marketing and sales”.


Privileged location and smart farming

Our orchards are spread between Douro and Minho, a privileged location where the breeze blowing from the Atlantic gives colour and flavour to the kiwis we produce.

In the field, we use cutting-edge irrigation methods and directly control the entire production. We train our orchards using a flat pergola, which is a system at height and the reason why our fruit tastes so sweet. To protect the trees, we are testing the effectiveness of anti-hail and photoselective covering in an area of 9 hectares.


Ongoing investment in the best processes

We adopt extremely strict and methodical processes in order to ensure that our Kiwis have the utmost quality.

After harvesting, the kiwis are weighed, labelled and organised onto pallets in the goods-in warehouse. They stay there for 24 to 48 hours for the curing process (to heal the stalk) and are then stored in cold chambers until they are ripe.


During this process, the fruit is subject to analyses and sampling. Those that ripen soonest, will be sold first.

Currently, KiwiGreenSun has 34 cold chambers with the capacity to store 12000 tonnes of kiwifruit.

We continually invest in the modernisation of our infrastructures. Our warehouse is equipped with a stacker crane, used for automatic pallet storage. This equipment moves along the aisles and carries out the functions of receipt, placement and dispatch.